WattBox® Rack Mountable Modular Faceplate Display


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This patent-pending optional WattBox® 600 Series Faceplate Display provides individual displays for voltage and current, a utility outlet, dual USB charging plus a convenient power button that controls switched outlets back at the power conditioner. Designed exclusively for our 600-series WattBox Power Conditioners, its innovative modular design means the faceplate can be placed almost anywhere!

With competitive chassis-based power products, the faceplate is part of the “box”, meaning that the front panel display has to follow the rear outlets. Our modular, patent-pending design allows you to position the faceplate wherever you want, regardless of where you’ve placed the power conditioner in the back of the rack or cabinet.

In addition to realtime display of voltage and current, a backlit power button controls the system’s switched outlets and indicates they are turned on. Diagnostic LEDs provide visual feedback for safe voltage, protection and proper system grounding.

Dual USB ports support up to 2A total current draw, which is more than enough for iPads®, phones and other mobile devices. The surge protected AC outlet is perfect for powering game systems, laptops and other peripherals.

Compared to larger chassis products, at 1U the WattBox faceplate takes up a fraction of your precious rack space, giving you more room for equipment or ventilation components.